Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tune In

If you've been a Christ-follower for a while, you may have noticed that church has changed over the years...or maybe not. The church I grew up in had green shag carpeting with matching green velour pew upholstery. Ahd the curtains matched too! How about you? Did you sing exactly three hymns from the hymnal (first, second and last verses) or had you by that time progressed to worship "choruses?" What about chilren's church? Right after the flannel graph story did they sing "Father Abraham" accompanied by the little girl who was furtherest along in her piano lesson?

In the midst of all the clutter and clatter of our ever-changing culture, we must find ways to engage this generation with the life-changing message of the gospel. After all, if the church doesn't engage people where they live, it won't be heard.

Beginning this Sunday, I'm starting a new series to help us tune into God, to hear His voice and to know it is truly His. My desire for you is to be fully connected, fully engaged and fully in tune with what God is doing in you and through you. We can't create irresistible environments to get this cultures attention by ourselves, it's all of us working together and as we listen to God individually and corporately. I believe He will use Whipple Creek to not only rock our community but the world as we listen to Him but as we engage our culutre and community as well.

Get tuned in and I'll see you on Sunday.

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