Monday, August 20, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

On the Way Home!

It's hard to believe 2 weeks have past. I am sitting at the hotel waiting for our airport shuttle in Warsaw, Poland. It has been an incredible time of ministry here. We have experienced a lot. I feel we are going to have a long term relationship with the church in Pietrokov. Pastor Daniel and the church seemed to have the same heart as our church. I can't wait to get back and share and have the team share about this incredible, living changing time, not only for us but for the church here and the kids and families. I look forward to seeing you all Sunday.

In His Grip in Poland,


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Poland or Bust and a Baptism!

Hey All,

I can't believe it is here, we finally leave for our mission to Poland this Friday. Please be praying for our team. For many, it will not only be the first time on the mission field but the first time out of the country. The chruch there is anxiously awaiting us. We are excited to bring some of what we do here in our children't ministry to the people of Poland.

We will be having a children's ministry daily as we teach virtues, very similar to what we do with PowerHouse. Pray that the language barrier is torn down as God uses us to tell the children about Him. It is going to be a growing time for all of us.

Christian and I have been asked to speak at their church services, so pray that we have the right words to say that encourage the people at their church. We will also be do construction projects to help expand the church and it's outreach to the community. From my experience, anytime plans are layed for a mission trip, they always change once you actually get, so also pray that our team is adaptable and flexible to move with the changes. It's going to be a great 14 days.

I look forward to shariing with you all on the 19th of August at the church service.

In His Grip


P.S. Cascade Park Baptism borrowed our portable baptistry last Sunday. They had 2 people scheduled to be baptized, they ended up baptizing 11 total! It's all about changed lives. God is good! (All the time.)