Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Some of My Favorite Things........

Bicycles. The smell of rain. Polaroid Pictures. Hebrew. Pens over
Pencils (I've never been good at rough drafts). Arial Font. Purple. Cold mornings in warm jackets. Coffee. Chai Tea. Coltrane. Eric Dolphy & Eric Clapton. subliminal messages. Documentaries. Baby Grand Pianos. Salsa Dancing?
Saxahones. Violins. Being Whimsical. Clouds. Running through random towns. Christmas trees in Jewish homes. Thai Food. Gin. (not in that particular order). October and big, bright Orange Leaves. Maple Trees.
Centered Text.
Mocassins. Old Man Rivers. Solitude. Postcards. Attention. Spitzenberg
Apples. Catholic Churches. Used Book Stores. Gospel Music. Brussel Sprouts.
Lentil Soup. Train Rides. love. Sleeping In. Failing Miserably. Waking
up to the sun rising. Staying awake until the sun rises. 80's Dance
parties. Typewriters. Dustin Hoffman. Raping my thesaurus to sound
more intelligent. Spicy Foods. Cuba. Conversations with people in person. Running barefoot. Pretending. Whispering in the dark.