Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Dangerous Church

When we understand that we are Called, we are Shown, we are Identified, we are Related, we are Trained/Equipped and we are Called Out, it changes everything: how we live, how we talk, how we spend our time, how we spend our money, and it even changes our relationships. And that is dangerous.

At our church, we are on mission to lead people into a growing, handholding relationship with Jesus Christ. We want Real People to experience the Real Church so they can have Real Hope in living out their Real Life. It takes a church that dares to be different and goes against the norms--a dangerous Church.

The Church has to be willing to go where no one else is willing to go (sometimes dangerous places) and attempt what no one else is willing to attempt (sometimes dangerous feats) to reach people that no one else is reaching., that's what Jesus did and it was dangerous.

A movement of God is afoot in Vancouver, in Clark County, in this Country and in the world. Can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you sense it? Do you believe it? Are you praying for it? When we get to that point when all of us who are a part of the Church do, when the Church embraces it, watch out, it will rock the world.

That is a Dangerous Church.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Life Comes at You Fast

While in Dallas, I meet a new friend, kinda. I've followed him on twitter, but have never meet him, you will here more about him this week. But anyway Rick (click to go to his site) hooked me up with this video. It boggles the mind. What does this mean for the Church?