Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Life (At least the way I see it!)

I have driven a quarter mile in under 10secs

I have broke the sound barrier, backwards

I can run a mile in under 4 minutes if I wanted to

I've run with scissors

I have eaten raw eggs, cookie dough & potatoes & raw meat left out on a counter(mix with beef & chicken)

I have run on wet, slippery surfaces when the sign has said walk

I've talked and texted on my phone during a movie

I have golfed in a lightening storm

I have gone swimming right after I ate

I have eaten standing up & in in bed

I have pretended to be someone else

I acted like I was crazy walking down the streets of new york

I have brought a knife to a gun fight and I have also brought my guns to town

I have gotten out of a helicopter without ducking

I like Michael Bolton

I have driven in a presidential “arcade”

I don’t think outside the box, I don’t even know what a box is.

I don’t chew gum and walk at the same time.

I never read license agreements before clicking I have

I mostly do not read instructions

I have written the great American novel although it is not published or written on paper

The songs I sing in my head are Grammy worthy

I can moon walk

I've fried eggs on a sidewalk on a hot day 

I did not drink plenty of water when it was too hot or I was high up in elevation

I have loved deeply

The door has hit me in the butt on the way out.

I’ve stepped on many cracks and as far as I know, my mom has never had a broken back

I have blinked and missed it but have also not blinked and been amazed

I have been to the highest point in most cities I have visted while sometimes being at my lowest

I believe that if it is broke, it can be fixed, but I also believe just because it’s not broke that it shouldn’t be.

I have out run a packs of wolves, gazelle, & Hussein Bolt

I have sat and talked with presidents dignitaries & important historical figures

I fought the law and I won

I have danced in the rain and all the other elements

I have danced when no one was looking

I know somebody who meet chuck Norris

I have danced with devil in the pale moonlight, and I now regret it.

I have invented some of the greatest things on earth, but not the internet.

I have hung out with Rob Lowe, Laurie Singer, some country singer & Michael Dukais at the same time

I have sung on the stage of the grand ol’ Opry & got a standing ovation

I have traveled by plane, train & Automobile on one road trip

I married my girlfriend

I often forget when to hold em, fold em, when walk away or when to run

I have not walked away or run when I should have

When somebody has said don't go outside or go in the dark basement because they've heard a noise, I have.

I want to live long and prosper.

I won’t back down

I believe 8 tracks will make a comeback.

I am a pro at two truths and a lie

I have slept during church

I have clapped when the signs or announcers has said not to

I've cheated death on more than one occasion

I have taken the road less traveled

I have helped an elderly lady across the street and fix a tire

I have taken the road of destruction

I almost took the highway to hell but go off at the last exit

I have jumped on many beds

I do know what I’m talking about

I have bumped my head and not wet my bed

I cried at a chic-flick

I have stood on the front of a ship and yelled, “I AM king of the world”

I've been in over my head and in too deep

I have tread water for 15 minutes

I played in a band in front of a crowd of thousands

I've played with fire and not got burned

I have been once bitten, twice shy.

I like to pump up the jam

I’ve won some and lost some, but have won more than lost

I counted the cost and it was high

I have climbed the highest mountain

I have scaled these city walls

I have found what I’m looking for

I have touched and I have seen

I was blind but now I see

I was lost and now I’m found