Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another Bucket List Item Scratched Out


Yep, OCC (that's Orange County Choppers for those who haven't seen the show) was on my bucket list. It is amazing to see these bikes up close. It's like a museum or art gallery for motorheads. The detail is amazing, incredible paint, incredible metal work.

I had to pose outside the shop as everyone else was, but I didn't have a bike to pose with so I decided to show off my tat! (Also notice my new melon style!)

God has truly gifted people in amazing ways. I continue to be amazed at God's creation and creativity through His creation, us included, on this sabbatical journey.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Our alternator went out in Wilton, NY. We made it into parking lot of a store. I went into the Stewart's Convience store asking the worker behind the counter if he knew of a rental car place. A customer overheard what i was saying and said "my brother owns a tow company and repair shop!"

A lot of other God-things happened but they got us a new alternator belt to get us running and now Sunday morning, they're working to replace alternator!

They(guys working on motorhome) keep saying it's a miracle how we were able to drive this far and how Duke just "happened" to be in Convience store when I was in there! It gave me a chance to share what I believe happened.God is good. I'm thankful for Les, Duke, Sam and Randy!

In His Grip from the Middle of Nowhere,