Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Should Be Different

Christmas was meant to change the world.
It still can.
Worship more.
Spend less.
Give more.
Love all.

We're helping people to understand how to give better, that we should give like we've been given to from our Heavenly Father, so that it is more relational & purposeful.

There is a great missionary story of young missionary teacher that is teaching her class about how in her culture they give gifts. A week later the little boy brings back a sea shell. She understands that his village, his home is miles from the ocean, it’s miles from the beach.He would have traveled quite a distance to get this shell and bring it to her.

She looks at it, she loves but before she could even catch herself she says “you shouldn’t have done this. You shouldn’t have gone so far to get me this shell. It’s beautiful but you shouldn’t have gone so far.”

And the little boy, without thinking, looks back and says, “but the long walk was a part of my gift.”

Our giving should reflect the walk as well. A gift should change the relationship between the giver and the reciever--and that takes work. There are still some days left before Christmas, what is the long walk you need to take in order to give differently this Christmas? It will be worth it.

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