Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Passion Reading

It's Thursday morning, I'm listening to Jerry read in 2 Samuel. As I sit and listen to him, I can't help reflect on his journey and the journey of all the people who have participated in The Passion Reading (we are reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation continually-we started Wednesday at 9am).

It makes the Bible come alive for me. God's purposes, love, grace, love, provision, discipline, love, mercy, and love have moved greatly in these people. They might not see it, but I do. I am grateful for them and encouraged by them as they read.

When God's Word is spoken, mighty things happen. I imagine some of these words being read from the Bible, have for the first time been spoken outloud in our church. We are trusting His Word that it does not return void.

If you get a minute, join us online as we are live streaming the reading. The link is


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