Friday, September 30, 2011

What I'm Learning on Sabbatical.

The church will exist and thrive and go on without me. Because of previous, it doesn't mean I'm not needed, wanted or of value to the church. It just means others are taking ownership and God is still showing up.
It's hard to slow down for me and enjoy the moment(s), but I'm learning.
Tell the family when I'm emptying holding tanks, not to run or flush anything!
I still can't shut off the little engine in my head after 4 weeks.
I miss the church.
We live in amazing country with amazing people.
There are things I've neglected to teach my two boys.
I can drive an RV like a champion.
Filling up at gas stations, you often have to re-swipe your debit card multiple times to fill a 100 gallon tank.
Put on auto reponder for email, before you leave.
45mph curves mean 45 in an RV.
Going to the bathroom in an RV is equivalent of going to the bathroom in airplane.
I didn't realize how tired I was.
Construction cones and cans will fall down when you hit them with a 17,000 pound object,
Instinct is sometimes better than trusting gps navigation.
God is in this trip and we see His work everyday. We are blessed by His goodness, care and hand of providence!

Location:County Road 31,Cooperstown,United States

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