Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Wow! What's Next?

I keep asking myself, "How can it get any better than this?" And God continues to amaze me. Easter was wonderful, we had 3 first time decisions where people asked Jesus to come into their life and their heart. We had several people get back on track after wandering off "the road" and asked for prayer to get back on track. And yet several others who don't want to just be a "Christian," they want to be a Christ-follower. They want to make the name "Christian" good once again. We also had several people say they wanted to get baptized. It just keeps getting better

So what's next? God is at work at Whipple. Two things are important right now. The first is this next series we are doing, "Snapshots of A Savior." This series is going to look at the person of Jesus and why He's so important. Not only is it a great opportunity for you, but probably someone else you know--who are you going to invite? I promise, this will be a life changing series of messages that could change lives forever.

The second thing is this: we will be moving into the building in less than 3 months--be praying for your role in helping with the move. It could be anything from helping get the building and the grounds ready to pitiching in to help us finish well while we are still at Alki by helping the setup and takedown crew. Another way to help is by showing up for church and connecting with others whether they are a guest or long time members of Whipple. And lastly, you could give finanically. I talked a few weeks ago during the State of the Church message (you can download that message to the right) how we need everyone who attends Whipple to give $49/week. How are you doing? I want to challenge you, if you are not giving that yet--start where you can. It may not be $49 a week, but start somewhere. And if you have been faithfully giving, I challenge you to increase your giving by 10%. That doesn't mean if you give 10% to give 20%, it means if you give 10% to increase your giving to 11%, if you give 5% of your income, increase it to 5.5%.

God has many great things in store for us and as we are faithful and step out on faith, our faith will intersect with His faithfulness and it is there we will see the Hand of God do something amazing! I can't wait to see what's next!

I look forward to this new series. Please be praying for myself and the staff as we prepare for this incredible journey.

In His Grip


P.S. Be looking for our new website very soon!

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