Friday, April 10, 2009

Is Your Heart Ready?

Can I say, I'm frustrated? This is Easter week, Holy week-there should be a sense of contentment, quietness, peacefulness but it's not. It seems every where I turn, there are problems. Personal, staff, friendships, and "things" happening in the church. I get frustrated because we make plans as a church to "change the world" (or at least our part of it), and when it comes time for the execution of it, it all falls apart. I think the "church" gets it, but then I see they don't. I'm frustrated. Isn't this supposed to be easier? Isn't this suppose to be the greatest week of the year for a Christian? Isn't this supposed to be a time of celebration, and telling others, and showing others what Christ did for us? Shouldn't the Church get it, especially the staff or those that are the forerunners in the church at least, shouldn't they at least get it?

I have to think, "how frustrated was Jesus?" Now, I'm not comparing myself to Him by any means. I'm far from that. But here is the Son of Man, God in the flesh, the Savior of the world who spent three years living on this earth ministering, investing into people, doing many miraculous things, and about getting ready to die a horrible death & the people He invested in the most, the people He spent most of his time with in those three years, the guys He lived with, didn't get it.

They fought over who should be first; they had doubts; they had wrong motives; they fell asleep when He asked them to pray for Him - one even betrayed Him. If that happened to Jesus, why shouldn't I expect the same. Heck, I don't live with people I do ministry with (although sometimes I feel like it).

For me, and maybe for you, it comes down to this: we have a real enemy who wants to frustrate us and make us feel defeated. Yes, I'm frustrated, but I'm frustrated because I don't understand Jesus enough. Why would He still go to the cross when it seemed, to me, that people didn't get it? Simple--Jesus came into this world because He loved us so much that He was willing to die for us to save us from the evil one.

My question for you is: Is Your Heart Ready for Easter? We may not get it all, but we do need to get Him!

If you're in the Vancouver area and don't have a church home, join us for Easter & baptisms this Sunday at 8:30 & 10:30. I love our baptisms. We usually know of one or two people being baptized, but by the time we're done, many, many more come forward in their clothes and all to be baptized! It's exciting!

Wherever you attend this weekend, my prayer is that your heart is prepared for the One who didn't let frustration keep Him from doing what He needed to do.

In His Grip,


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